As the coronavirus (COVID-19) is a growing, global concern, Goodin Company remains committed to the health and welfare of customers and partners.

We do not expect our customers to notice any changes in our service.

We have taken a proactive approach, under the given circumstances, based on the latest recommendations and guidelines to minimize the risk of the spread of the virus.

We wish you good health and appreciate your trust and continued business.  If anything should change, we will update this website promptly.

The most important duty we have each day is to provide the highest quality order fulfillment. In order to provide the highest level of quality service to our customers, we maintain a complete inventory at each location; making sure the depth and breadth of the inventory levels are sufficient to satisfy all of our customers’ needs. All the personnel we hire will be for the single purpose of providing prompt and accurate service to our customers. We understand that the basic tenant of human endeavor is to improve one’s personal situation in a way that leads to the satisfaction of the needs of others. To achieve our goal, we need to innovate in our thinking and focus on our efforts to prove to our customers, new and old, that we will provide the quality service they expect.

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